Tools for a Successful School Year

by Harvey F. Silver, Matthew J. Perini, & Abigail L. Boutz

Product Code: TSSY01

ISBN: 978-1-58284-209-7

Price: $25.95

Make this year the year of better student behavior, stronger classroom relationships, increased student engagement, and higher levels of thinking and learning.

When it comes to student behavior and achievement, the classroom environment you establish makes all the difference. But what makes successful classrooms truly successful? What do highly effective teachers do to establish a learning environment that promotes positive behavior and supports high levels of learning all year long? All successful classrooms, regardless of content area or grade level, share four common elements:

1. Organization, rules, and procedures
2. Positive relationships
3. Engagement and enjoyment
4. A culture of thinking and learning

Tools for a Successful School Year shows you how to make these “Four Cornerstones” the guiding principles of your classroom. With more than 20 classroom-ready tools to develop these cornerstones, this book gives you the practical techniques you need to make this year your most successful yet—starting on day one.